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Christine's Live Journal


3/15/08 09:45 am

I'm on Spring Break as well. And I saw Sean :D (dinner and movie!) and I had a great time with Rosie (Stash's, breakfast, movie and Burke's). I've been working on two papers furiously so, like Jen, I won't be a stressful freak this week at school. Emmalee's second birthday is Sunday! Although, we celebrated with her last weekend, but she really didn't seem to understand the birthday thing.

Jon and I have the day to ourselves. And since we're now living with his dad (long story...), we don't have anyone to bother us alllll day. He's in the shower and then we're off to breakfast and an early early movie. Followed by a nap, more movies at home, maybe I'll humor him with some PS3 of XBOX360. He doesn't really know, but I really do love video games. And dinner = delivery! Empty house now until we leave tomorrow. ::Sigh of relief::

Love to all. PS saw SATC trailer and almost cried I was so happy and excited. Please google it. It's a need to see it. I saw it on the big screen! AHHHHH! Love Love, ME

12/10/07 01:42 pm

I can't wait for this week to be over. Just three papers to finish up, one science lab and one journal entry and I am on my way to a month of freedom and warm holiday spirit.

Jon and I celebrated our two year anniversary this weekend which was so special. He bought us tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera on December 29th. The best part: Orchestra seats. I really want to make a day out of it and go see the Christmas tree, and either the Museum of Sex or the Metropolitan. Tickets to a show in the city is one of the best presents because it's one day that we have all to ourselves to just enjoy being with each other. I really can't wait to go see Phantom of the Opera!!! Jon loved the ring I bought him. It's really beautiful, 10K Black Onyx with Diamonds down each side. It looks stunning on him. Melissa and Chris bought us Martini and Rossi Asti Sparkling Champagne, which is my favorite ever. They bought us a set with two Champagne flutes. The bubbles looked so beautiful in the champagne.

They also surprised us with Emmalee on Friday night! It was the best seeing her unexpectantly because it's hard to go two weeks without seeing her. Jon got up at 6 to help Chris set up a stand with Christmas stuff. His alarm, of course, woke up Emmalee. So I put her next to me in the bed where Jon would sleep. We watched Elmo in Grouchland and sometime during that movie we both fell asleep. The best part of it was when I rolled out of bed I had about a third of the bed. This is just another confirmation that she is a product of Jon because I had about the same amount of room if Jon had been in the bed. Funny thing is, Emmalee is like one tenth of Jon, but still managed to take up two thirds of the bed. It was pretty hysterical.

She's just the cutest. We taught her a bunch of words, she says "Love you." "Uncle Chris" "Night night." "Nannie." "Yum Yums." "Eat." "Elmo." "Book." "Phone." "Who's there?" She obviously says "daddy" "mom" "mommy" "pop-pop" "up" "cup." We're still working on sentences, but on Friday night we got her to say "Love you Daddy." All at once. It was amazing seeing how Jon just melted. Emmalee gives the best hugs and kisses too. If you ask her for a kiss she makes that fishy face and she stays like that until you get your face close enough for her to give you the kiss. And when she hugs you she bear hugs you and her little hands discretely pat you on the sides of your arms. I really can't wait for you all to meet her!!!

Emmalee loves Jon so much, when he's not around she looks around and she goes "Daddy?" and if he's in the house we'll tell her to go find him and she'll go. She's stopped saying "shit" and "shut-up" and she's stopped hitting- which were all things she did not learn at our house, but she knows that we don't allow it. We have her this weekend, my birthday weekend! Daddy's on duty all Friday night because Jon's mom is taking me out with two of Jon's step-sisters, Gracie, and some other ladies perhaps.

We got a hotel room at the Hampton Inn which was nice because that's where we stayed last year. It's 20 minutes from the house, but it feels like worlds away when the doors closed, and locked. I took Jon's mom with me to check-in early without Jon. We decorated the room with rose petals and candles. The glow was so romantic, and we all know that candle light is a girl's best lighting ;).

After we settled into the room, we got ready to go out to dinner. We went to TGIFRIDAYS where the waiter asked us if we wanted a drink from the bar so we ordered drinks and he just asked if we were 21, he didn't card us. It was great. Apparently, I didn't look 14 in the dress I was wearing. Score. It pumped me up for this Friday!!!

Overall, we had a great weekend. And to top it all off I bought myself an adorable NorthFace brown and pink zip up fleece yesterday when I went shopping with Jess in NYC before we caught the Fung Wah back to Boston. The Fung Wah is an experience everyone should have in life. I can't believe I survivied the Chinatown Bus. Lol.

I can't wait for my birthday, and my mom's birthday, and Christmas, and New Years and Arizona with Jon and my grandparents, and bringing Emmalee to CT to meet all her Aunties and Uncles and just to relax and enjoy my absolutely favorite time of the year. I just can't wait.

12/3/07 10:49 pm

1) Where did you begin 2007?
At the party Jon and I had at his house
2) What was your status by Valentine's Day?
Happily taken

3) Were you in school (anytime this year)?

4) How did you earn your money?
Subway, tutoring

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
No, thank God.

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?

7) Where did you go on holiday?
Jon’s and my own home.

8) What did you purchase that was over $1,000?
A semester at Wheelock College, Jon’s anniversary/XMAS present was pretty close too.

9) Did you know anybody who got married?

12) Did you move anywhere?
I definitely live at Jon’s now, but its more permanent than it was last year. Like the majority of my stuff is there.

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?
Les Miserables, and would have been Chicago if it wasn’t for the damn strike.

15) Are you registered to vote?

16) Who did you want to win Big Brother?
Uh, I stopped watching after Season 2

17) Where do you live now?
Wheelock College and Bloomingburg, NY

18) Describe your birthday.
Sarah let me help her cook my BDAY dinner at her apartment and then I went to Lucky Strikes with Teresa and her at the time man toy, and then came back to my room and we got some drink on.

19) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2007?
Became a step-mommy to the most beautiful baby girl in the whole wide world.

20) What has been your favorite moment?
Walking into the bedroom to let Jon know that dinner was ready to find this…

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21) What's something you learned about yourself?
I think I want to go to grad school at Columbia and get a dual degree in Social Work and Law

22.) Any new additions to your family?
Emmalee and Liam

23.) What was your best month?
This month is going to be the best month. I feel it.

24.) What music will you remember 2007 by?
Country music because its what I listen to all the time now.

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
I really haven’t drank that much this year…

26) Made new friends?

27) Best new friend?

28) Favorite Night out?
With my love, and my bestest from the EL and Salem.

11/5/07 04:16 pm

School's going well. It's stressful becuase this year I feel the faculty got together at Wheelock to plot against the students. The plan: Make all the huge, serious, large percent of grade projects due in the same exact week, the one right before Thanksgiving. It's hell. My system is crazy. Wednesday I do all my readings and papers I can for the following week so I can do projects on the week days in my free time (Loud nervous laughter). I ended up getting a 95 on the dreded history midterm (13 point curve). I'm very proud of that. I don't think I've taken a US history since Sophmore year of high school.

Course selection for next semester is coming up and I'm so excited because I have about one more Social Work class to take before my field work, and I'm completely done after this semester with my general education requirements. So, next semester is going to be very enjoyable with human development classes for my minor.

Things in the love life are great. I love having Jon's cousin Grace around. It's nice to have a female, same-age, family member. I never grew up with cousins or any family member mine own age so I'm loving it. Melissa said that Grace asked her if she asked Jon and I to be nice to her. Which I thought was funny, but sweet because we really just love her. I love taking her and Liam to doctor's appointments and just sitting around the house with her talking. We're taking her with us to the movies this weekend. Excited. Jon and I are going to see Chicago in about two weeks, which I am so very excited about because I have never seen it on Broadway.

Poor Sabrina sprained her ankle for the second time in like two months, so she's in an aircast now until mid December. Clutz. It's an inherited family trait.

I miss my loves from home dearly. I got to see Sara a few weeks ago when I was home. It was amazing to see her so unexpectantly. I can't wait to see everyone during Thanksgiving break!

10/8/07 12:14 am

Here's my life since April. Hahahahahhaha. Not a chance could I catch you up on alllll that.

1. The only reason I'm updating is because I've become an insomniac.
2. I have no school tomorrow, so I can afford to be up super late.
3. I just realized it's only 12:15 AM. That's sad I think this is late.

Well, Jon and I went camping this weekend at Hammonasset. It was a lot of fun. Besides that drunken night in Salem, I have never gone camping. I think the nicest part about it was not being bothered by anyone or anything. It was just a relaxing feeling where we brought games such as Go Fish!, but instead we only really got to play Dirty Minds, does anyone remember that game with the picture of the "Ram" card from like three years ago on New Years Eve at my house. It was like dirty mad libs?

Jon and I figured out how to put up the tent. Easier than I expected. Jon attempted to start a fire. Harder than he expected. But, using resources we asked our nice neighbors how they started their roaring fire, and they helped us. We cooked cheeseburgers and BBQ chicken on our new portable gas grill. Very cool and yummy yummy. Basically, I can't wait to go camping again. I was hoping for Fall weather weekend, but I would take an 80 degree weekend again for camping in October.

School is just fantastic. I'm pretty busy. Classes are a bit much. I am tutoring while making money. Pays to be smart. I adore my single room. Mostly because I have an opportunity to be social, but when I need to read or write a paper I can just close my door. I love how my room matches, and it is all of my own decoration. Also, my single is larger than I expected.

I'm being inducted into Pi Gamma Mu (Honors Society) in a few weeks. Exciting. My whole family is coming up for the ceremony on Sunday. I'm thinking more and more about how excited I am to be in the field of social work. I am so excited to do my 400 hours on the field. I am so happy to graduate. And, I am so excited to start applying to Graduate schools! And then, be done with school. And take about fifty years to finish paying for school.

Emmalee is adorably amazing. Court is completely over and done with. Things went very well. YAY! I am so excited for next weekend because I am taking Sabrina to New York for a long weekend. We're going on a haunted hayride, pumpkin picking, and a haunted house. SO EXCITED. Not to mention that I can't wait for Sabrina to meet Emmalee, and the rest of Jon's family. Overall, it will be so much fun. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the weekend after Thanksgiving Jon will have Emmalee so she can come and visit all of her aunties and uncles while they are all home on break, and the rest of her newly extended family.

9/24/07 08:44 pm

I haven't updated in eons. I'm still kickin'. Maybe I'll write something substantial tomorrow!

4/23/07 10:36 am

Funny how my life half crumbled the night after I wrote my last entry. It's like everything made sense, was going great. Now, I'm lost.

I'll probably explain it all later.

I'm coming home, on May 9th. The day after Sabrina turns 12! And I move out on Monday, May 14th! Just trying to get through the last few weeks of classes, exams and writing papers.

In addition to life, I'm roommate less again. God's will. I skipped housing selection yesterday because I could have cared less. I'm going to see what's left today. I'm hoping to find a nice double where I can get placed with someone, and maybe make a new friend!

12/28/06 12:41 am - Ho fucking ho ho.

I've been having a severe form of PMS called COMPLETELY MISERABLE BITCH. Here's a good joke. You know it's been a year when you're boyfriend finally believes and accepts the fact that there's not reason why I'm crying but just pure emotions. I have been grappling with this being from home situation. I feel that I am still viewed as a child by people outside my own family. Which is ironic, but makes sense since my family knows me better. I took so much shit from different people because I "ditched" my family for Christmas. What's hard to explain in a quick come back is I'm trying to grow up. I'm in this mambo of trying to balance my relationship with Jon and my family and my friends. It's unfortunate that it doesn't mesh together neatly, but eventually this will all work itself out. Yes, I felt bad not being there to watch Sabrina's last Christmas believing in Santa probably, and I felt bad that my dad spent Christmas alone. But, why does this have to fall on me? Why am I the only one on this planet that dad needs? It's a lot of responsibility
on a 20-year-old to realize that I'm the sole person that truly holds the glue to my dad's life.
This long distance relationship jazz sucks, but at the same time it's made me a stronger person. I'm closer with my family because I spend more quality time with them when I am home. I'm not really so sure what I'm rambling about. Mostly, that I am not a little girl anymore and I'm grappling with adult decisions. It's scary. It's scary to have the power to pack up my room and move to New York. It's like I'm trying to choose a college or something. I'm in another transitional period, and frankly this mambo sucks. It's crazy that I have to make another super important decision.
I love Jon whole-heartedly. Truly do. He's wonderful. And his family is unbelievably giving. And honestly, his family is my family too. His mom refers to me as a daughter-in-law voicing that Jon has no choice but to marry me, and Jon referred to me in relation to Uncle Abe as his niece. Legality and paperwork aside. I spend Christmas with my family- just not my whole family.

12/13/06 01:13 pm - Our First Anniversary: The Official Report

Jon and I had the most amazing Anniversary weekend. Despite the fact that it was on Friday, we celebrated Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I didn't have classes on Friday, so I went to New York on Thursday night. Thursday night Jon and I exhanged gifts. I made him a sweet "Love Pillow" pillowcase with iron-on transfers. Idea complementry of Lovingyou.com, my official favorite L-O-V-E website. I also bought him the King Kong DVD because unlike Sean, Jon and I have yet to see it. And it was our first date movie so I thought it was a cute idea. And the big present was tickets for us to go see Les Mis, which is back on Broadway. Jon bought me the most beautiful bracelet of all time. One aspect that I really love about it is that it's both white and yellow gold which solves my dilemma of having white gold rings and the yellow gold necklace he bought me for Valentines Day. It has yellow gold hearts and white gold x's all around the then at the top middle is says I Love You in which gold with a yellow gold heart in the background. I adore it.
And of course, I adore him.

Besides the presents. Which were amazing. On Friday, we went out to dinner and went to see Blood Diamond. An amazing movie which tramatized me to severely. And then we preceeded to go home and watch the new HBO documentary Thin about an in-patient program in Florida. I had an emotionally trying night through film.

On Saturday, Jon worked off some of his debt while I slept in. I'm liking the fact he's my little bread maker. When he came back his parents gave us our Anniverary gift. They gave us a gift certificate for TGIFriday's and a room at the Hampton Inn. Now, let me tell you how amazing this room was. It was amazing. The best was King size, it had the best matress I've ever slept on, a down comforter and the most amazing pillows. I could have left my pillow at home, and we all know how picky I am about my pillow. Anyways. So we went to the room right away. Jon jumped in the shower and I called my mom. Now when Jon was getting out of the shower I thought about how we needed to call his mom and Chris to thank them again. Funny story.

After the shower turned off, the door opens and Jon walks out of the bathroom naked. ::Fast forward:: So, it's four o'clock in the afternoon or so and we're having sex (when is there a bad time for sex?). All is fine until his mother calls and Jon decides to pretty much leap across the bed to answer it. That's awsome--I would so love to answer my mother's phone call while I'm having sex. Anway, so Jon's out of breath trying to hold this conversation and my head is buried in a pillow unable to stop laughing because he picked up the phone and it's blantantly obvious what we were doing. His mom ends up apoligizing for called and interrupted which made it that much funnier. In the end, it was hysterical. Did I mention that Melissa and Chris bought us the most beautiful Fushia roses and the prettiest Anniversary Balloon to decorate the room before we got there? So adorable.

This weekend was amazing. I can't wait to come home and visit with everyone. And then I can't wait to go spend Christmas with Jon and the famiy. And then I can't wait for Jon to come back home with me. I'm so excited to spend so much time with him, I'm 99.9% sure we'll piss each other off, but I'm 110% sure we'll work through it.

12/11/06 01:43 pm - Here's to 2007 and procrastination

In 2006 I...

[x] broke a promise
[x] made a new best friend
[x] fallen in love
[ ] fallen out of love
[x] done something you swore never to do
[x] lied
[ ] stole
[ ] went behind your parents back
[x] cried over a broken heart
[x] dissapointed someone close
[x] hid a secret
[x] pretended to be happy
[ ] got arrested
[x] kissed in the rain
[ ] slept under the stars
[ ] kept your new years resolution
[ ] forgot your new years resolution
[x] met someone who changed your life
[ ] met one of your idols
[x] changed your outlook on life
[x] sat home all day doing nothing
[ ] pretended to be sick
[ ] left the country
[ ] almost died
[ ] gave up on someone important to you
[x] lost something expensive
[x] learned something new about yourself
[x] tried something you normally wouldnt try and liked it
[x] made a change in your life
[x] found out who your true friends were
[x] made a total fool of yourself
[x] met great people
[ ] lost someone close
[x] accomplished a goal
[x] been to a concert
[x] made someone cry
[x] done drugs
[ ] liked who I was the whole year
[x] laughed so hard you cried
[x] went on vacation
[x] gotten in a fight
[x] grown up a little
[x] grown down a little
[ ] changed into a completely different person
[x] achieved a goal you never thought you could
[x] missed someone
[x] gone to the hospital
[ ] broken a bone
[x] coped with a big change
[x] cried like tomorrow wouldnt come
[ ] made a resolution
[x] wished you could re-live a moment
[x] experienced something you'll never forget
[x] done the dirty dirty
[x] got wasted
[x] got high
[ ] lost a best friend
[x] lost a good friend
[x] had a relationship
[ ] missed that relationship
[ ] wanted to kill yourself
[ ] intentionally hurt yourself
[x] had the TIME OF YOUR LIFE
[x] had the best year so far
[x] wanted to redo anything
[x] regretted anything
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