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Life is good. I haven't updated in weeks. But, the internet has not been a daily activity nor an important aspect of my life. I feel like I've been running for the past thirty days, but I'm not complaining. I've been having the time of my life attempting to balance the love of my life and my new family, my own family, my friends, sleeping and working. I'm officially a waitress at The Shack. I'll be bussing and waitresses. I love waitressing. It's great money and I really do enjoy my job.

I had another great extended weekend with Jon and his family. Jon and I saw X-Men: The Last Stand, we went out to dinner, went to a Yankee game on Sunday and went to a family picnic on Monday. At the Yankee game, Jon bought me a Damon shirt and a monkey stuffed animal in Yankee shirt and hat with velcro hands a feet.

I've spent the majority of my days in the month of May with Jon and it's weird being home for more than a few days. I miss sleeping next to my man. I've finally figured out and adjusted to the right position to sleep next to him uninterrupted through the whole night. I love Jon so much. It's amazing to find someone who's open, honest, loving and giving.

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