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Life is good. I realized that I stopped crying and became happy when I accidentally missed my medication a few times. So I've made an executive decision to stop taking it. And I feel great. My mom keeps pushing that I go to the doctor. I had an appointment on Monday and I went to reschedule but May is booked for a month. Fuck that basically. I made an appointment with my family doctor. When smoking cigarettes makes me happier than a perscribed anti-depressant I'm not taking the right drug. And after over a year of being subdued into a supposive happiness stupor. I'm done. I've had it with trance-like happiness, I'll just have to start exercising and just deal with what life throws at me. Or maybe I'll start taking the medication I started off with because it made me lose weight. That'd be nice.

I miss my man. I spent the whole month of May with him practically and being away from him for almost two weeks is a torture I wish never exsisted. I have a whole year to decide, but I'm thinking of moving in with him next summer and coming home to visit. The reality of me staying in East Lyme forever is non-exsistant.

Today is our six month anniversary. Six months. I'm Jon's longest relationship and Jon's my only relationship that's actually meant something genuine. He wants to do something really special this weekend. I'd be completely satisfied with a quiet romantic night cuddling in bed.

I've been working on my scrapbook and I know some probably think it sounds dumb or weird but I don't honestly give a flying fuck. I love every page and having a hint of a hobby or something to do other than watch TV or read a book when I'm home makes me happy. I want everyone to see my scrapbook. It's coming out really nice!
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