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I haven't been updating because I haven't even had the time to come online let alone take a few minutes to update about my uneventful life. Things are great as usual. Jon's coming on Saturday to stay for a little over a week and as we speak he's going with his dad to buy his car. I can't wait for him to get here. Someone to spend my day with. There seems to be so many moments where I just stop and realize I really have nothing to do and everyone seems to be busy. This is the time most people take up a hobby, but I've been reading Twelve Sharp (amazing as always, really really awsome) and I've scrapbooked all the pages I can without more wonderful events and tons of more pictures.

I made the Dean's List and agree with Sarah's away message that it doesn't feel as good because we do go to Wheelock High. But, believe it or not I busted my ass for most of those grades. I spent hours upon hours and put much stress and passion into just about every paper I wrote this year, and I wrote so many papers. Not having test saved me. I rather spend five to seven hours writing a paper than studying three hours for a test.

Did I mention how excited I am that Jon's coming? We're all going to have so much fun over July 4th. I want to see some Fireworks!
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