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Jon left yesterday and I miss him like crazy. Counting down the days until I leave to see him. I miss him like crazy. It was so nice to have a warm body to drape myself over and sleep next to. Especially one that I love with my heart and soul. It was nice being able to turn and be kissed or reach out my arms to have a hug whenever I wanted one. I got a new tattoo today on my foot. It hurt and was very uncomfortable, but luckily Sean's hand was there for me to grip hard and cause a loss in blood circulation.

I've realized that I really miss Sarah and Danielle and feel like a really awful friend that I haven't talked to them in so long. It's crazy to think I'm moving back to Wheelock in a month in a half. Crazy. I'm so not ready. That means I have to pack. No lie maybe four good outfits and then lounging and PJ clothes. It was all I seemed to wear there anyway.
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