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I had the most amazing week. I had so much fun going to Seaside Heights in Jersey with the love of my life and his family. It was relaxing and it gave me a tan. No complaints. Days sunning myself on the beach and being taken out by Jon jumping and riding a wave into my ankle. And nights eating greasy food on the boardwalk and taking a romantic ride on a ski lift across the beach and boardwalk with my life.
Then there was the last night we were there. Jon, Abe and I stayed and got really drunk. Abe and Jon taught me some quality drinking games and they were so much fun. You know you're really drunk when you just can't be sure if you've every been this drunk beofre. And we played beer pong with some guys that were staying the in room next to ours. One of the guys, Steve was excessively drunk and definitely hit on me and said some things that were past the line of appropiate. You know he was drunk since he was telling Jon that if I wasn't dating Jon he's basically be doing me.
After a few days of laying on the beach during the day and walking the beautifully moonlit boardwalk at night we headed back to Middletown. Jon and I saw World Trade Center and Snakes on a Plane...for all who've seen Snakes on a Plane you'll appreciate the following outburst..."I'm so tired of these mother-fucking snakes on this mother-fucking plane." That movie was so bad ass. WTC was intense. I think I was fine for the first 40 minutes and then I proceeded to cry for the next hour or so on and off. A few times I considered leaving to compose myself. It made me feel so guilty for turning my back to everything surrounding 9/11 because it's all so patronizing, but the movie was a much needed eye and heart opener in my life.
Unfortunately today I had to come home because my summer has come to a close too quickly and I am moving back to school on Friday. I do miss all my girls from school and I am excited to have a new start. With one year already there this year will only be better!
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