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It's been a while. Too long since I last updated. But, I'm at Wheelock and have been for about a week now. I'm loving it here. I just moved in Freshmen and Transfer students since 7:30 until about 11:00 and there are some really great people here. There are a few new transfers on my floor who I introduced myself to and they seemed taken back my the friendliness of my gesture. Just call me the Wheelock Welcoming committee. I'm in love with my R.A. I actually went bowling with her and a few other R.A's and they are all really awesome. I'm excited to meet with my Freshmen Advisees tonight. I've seen a handful of them and introduced myself to try and make sure they are excited about the meeting tonight and hopefully their first year at Wheelock as Freshmen. So even though being a student advisor has shortened my summer vacation and taken precious time that I'd be spending with Jon and friends, I am so glad I'm doing it. I feel more a part of the community which is what I was trying to do and it's working as corny as it sounds. It makes me actually want to be here.

Danielle moves in tomorrow and I can't wait. This room is so barren without her and all of her stuff. I don't think I'd ever like to live in a single.

I also grabbed a new plant from the Alumni Association and have yet to name her. She's a spider plant. I'm still brainstorming a good name for her. At least now Bernie the Bamboo plant has someone to chill with when I'm in class.

I miss all my loves back in the E.L.
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