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On Monday night Danielle and I went to the Colleges of the Fenway first chorus rehersal and it was great. I missed singing so much. It made me think of all my girlies and select few guys at home who sang in chorus. The head guy is actually really funny and tries to incorporate basic music theory into the rehersals. Which is a great review.

We kind of rearranged our room tonight a little bit. I saw another room that was just like ours, actually right above our heads and the girl who's bed is on the same side of the room mine is on had hers against the wall. And I have this weird thing about having my bed against a wall. Mostly security issue, but it makes studying and sitting up in bed much more comfortable. So anyways, I put my bed against the wall and I'm happier now. Tomorrow the poster sale and we need to decor a few of the walls because I didn't really bring any pictures that hang on the wall. I left my beautiful photo display to greet me when I come home.

Classes are intersting. One of my teacher's last name is Hell and rightfully so. There's something about her that's a little frightning, but overall she isn't that bad. I found out from Shelby that the history class I dropped has a shit load of work involved. And since I'm taking twenty credits, which is insane when all the classes are intensely academic, I'm really glad I don't have to battle that class with four others. There's about 120 pages of reading for the first week including the reading and test on a 40 page syllubus. HELL NO. Unfortunately, I might end up having to take the class later on, but as long as it isn't right now. Just not right now.

I'm loving the fact that I'm taking Intro to Social Work because I'm getting reinforcement on what I thought Social Work was plus a wealth of knowledge. There are so many options in the field of Social Work. I'm looking into Gerontological Social Work which deals with older adults basically Senior Citizens. But, I have tons more semesters here and Wheelock before my practicum to make up my mind where I'd like to work and who I'd like to work with. The more I learn about being a Social Worker the more I realize how it's a life long career. And I'm also loving Cultural Anthropology because I just find other cultures and groups of people facinating. Everyone should read ( and let me know what they think of the article.

I visited Jon last weekend and had a lot of fun. First of all, if you haven't seen Crank you need to. It's a great movie. Jon's 21-year-old Uncle Abe, whom is just known by Abe now, lives with Jon now. Abe's adorable girlfried Alicia was there and the four of us had a massive double dating weekend. I had lots of fun and it was nice to have the two of them there for the few hours I was up before Jon got out of work Saturday morning. Abe, Alicia and I sat outside for like three hours just talking and laughing and smoking. The fact that the three of us didn't mind just scrubbing it out in the beautiful weather on a Saturday morning was great. It felt really good to chill outside and do nothing.

I'm excited to go home this weekend. But it's weird because I don't really feel like I need to in some ways. I talk to my mom and grandma a few times a week and my dad and I talk like twice a week, but talking to dad on the phone is weird, but needs to be done. I miss my kitten like crazy. And my bed, but this one at school isn't turning out too bad, now it's against the wall and everything. Haha.
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