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It's been eons. I know. I never know what to update one. So yeah, I wrote a paper today or yeah, my advisor stood me up again.


Jon spent the weekend with me in Boston! And we had the most amazing time. Damian, Danielle, Jon and I were adorably inseperable. It was just a huge double date all weekend. We walked about six miles around Boston on Sunday to show Jon the city. On Saturday, it rained so the four of us went on an excursion to the mall in Braintree. We also went to good 'ol Wal-Mart for more knitting supplies. Did I mention that I taught Jon how to knit, and he's knitting a scarft. He's actually quite good at it. Anyways, then we went bowling, but the best part was the arcade. I did DDR for the first time. That shit is crazy. I loved it. And Jon. I just don't know what to day. He was a DDR machine. Like holding the bar. And going all crazy perfect and fast. His DDR ability was shocking, and a complete turn-on. Haha.

On Friday night, we went to see Saw III. Absolutely fucking amazing. It was nice to be able to cuddle up to my man and watch people dismember themselves. Totaly turn-on AGAIN. Haha. We went to the 12:30 showing and didn't get back until 3 in the morning. Which was crazy. Want to hear the empitemy of cuteness? Jon and I lay awake for an hour in a half on Saturday night going over our guest list, our bridal party, and where we want to get married. Sounds trivial at this point in our lives, but it was truly heartwarming. Laying there with the man you love more than anything just listening to the sound of his voice.

But after a few days in Boston I had to bring him back to the bus station at 5AM (NOT A PRETTY HOUR) so that he could get back for class. I was super sad, as usual. But, this time it was I who walked away. Usually I'm the one getting on a train to New York City, but not this time. It was really hard. But, I keep thinking about how amazing the next time I see him will be. For his birthday I bought Jon and I tickets to go see The Lion King in NYC, and I'm so excited. One because it's The Lion King. Two because it's NYC. But most importantly, I get to be with my baby. I want to go on the earlier side and eat dinner in the city. And then go see the show. And either go back, or if I somehow come across a lot of money get a hotel room in the city for the night. Just think of how great an empty hotel room, Jon and a large empty bed sounds in the same sentence...? A-FREAKIN'-MAZING!

I miss everyone from home. I can't wait until Thanksgiving Break. I'll probably be home either Monday or Tuesday. Still working logistics out. Can't wait for the game! See all my slymers.
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