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Our First Anniversary: The Official Report

Jon and I had the most amazing Anniversary weekend. Despite the fact that it was on Friday, we celebrated Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I didn't have classes on Friday, so I went to New York on Thursday night. Thursday night Jon and I exhanged gifts. I made him a sweet "Love Pillow" pillowcase with iron-on transfers. Idea complementry of, my official favorite L-O-V-E website. I also bought him the King Kong DVD because unlike Sean, Jon and I have yet to see it. And it was our first date movie so I thought it was a cute idea. And the big present was tickets for us to go see Les Mis, which is back on Broadway. Jon bought me the most beautiful bracelet of all time. One aspect that I really love about it is that it's both white and yellow gold which solves my dilemma of having white gold rings and the yellow gold necklace he bought me for Valentines Day. It has yellow gold hearts and white gold x's all around the then at the top middle is says I Love You in which gold with a yellow gold heart in the background. I adore it.
And of course, I adore him.

Besides the presents. Which were amazing. On Friday, we went out to dinner and went to see Blood Diamond. An amazing movie which tramatized me to severely. And then we preceeded to go home and watch the new HBO documentary Thin about an in-patient program in Florida. I had an emotionally trying night through film.

On Saturday, Jon worked off some of his debt while I slept in. I'm liking the fact he's my little bread maker. When he came back his parents gave us our Anniverary gift. They gave us a gift certificate for TGIFriday's and a room at the Hampton Inn. Now, let me tell you how amazing this room was. It was amazing. The best was King size, it had the best matress I've ever slept on, a down comforter and the most amazing pillows. I could have left my pillow at home, and we all know how picky I am about my pillow. Anyways. So we went to the room right away. Jon jumped in the shower and I called my mom. Now when Jon was getting out of the shower I thought about how we needed to call his mom and Chris to thank them again. Funny story.

After the shower turned off, the door opens and Jon walks out of the bathroom naked. ::Fast forward:: So, it's four o'clock in the afternoon or so and we're having sex (when is there a bad time for sex?). All is fine until his mother calls and Jon decides to pretty much leap across the bed to answer it. That's awsome--I would so love to answer my mother's phone call while I'm having sex. Anway, so Jon's out of breath trying to hold this conversation and my head is buried in a pillow unable to stop laughing because he picked up the phone and it's blantantly obvious what we were doing. His mom ends up apoligizing for called and interrupted which made it that much funnier. In the end, it was hysterical. Did I mention that Melissa and Chris bought us the most beautiful Fushia roses and the prettiest Anniversary Balloon to decorate the room before we got there? So adorable.

This weekend was amazing. I can't wait to come home and visit with everyone. And then I can't wait to go spend Christmas with Jon and the famiy. And then I can't wait for Jon to come back home with me. I'm so excited to spend so much time with him, I'm 99.9% sure we'll piss each other off, but I'm 110% sure we'll work through it.
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