no_lj_christine (no_lj_christine) wrote,

Here's my life since April. Hahahahahhaha. Not a chance could I catch you up on alllll that.

1. The only reason I'm updating is because I've become an insomniac.
2. I have no school tomorrow, so I can afford to be up super late.
3. I just realized it's only 12:15 AM. That's sad I think this is late.

Well, Jon and I went camping this weekend at Hammonasset. It was a lot of fun. Besides that drunken night in Salem, I have never gone camping. I think the nicest part about it was not being bothered by anyone or anything. It was just a relaxing feeling where we brought games such as Go Fish!, but instead we only really got to play Dirty Minds, does anyone remember that game with the picture of the "Ram" card from like three years ago on New Years Eve at my house. It was like dirty mad libs?

Jon and I figured out how to put up the tent. Easier than I expected. Jon attempted to start a fire. Harder than he expected. But, using resources we asked our nice neighbors how they started their roaring fire, and they helped us. We cooked cheeseburgers and BBQ chicken on our new portable gas grill. Very cool and yummy yummy. Basically, I can't wait to go camping again. I was hoping for Fall weather weekend, but I would take an 80 degree weekend again for camping in October.

School is just fantastic. I'm pretty busy. Classes are a bit much. I am tutoring while making money. Pays to be smart. I adore my single room. Mostly because I have an opportunity to be social, but when I need to read or write a paper I can just close my door. I love how my room matches, and it is all of my own decoration. Also, my single is larger than I expected.

I'm being inducted into Pi Gamma Mu (Honors Society) in a few weeks. Exciting. My whole family is coming up for the ceremony on Sunday. I'm thinking more and more about how excited I am to be in the field of social work. I am so excited to do my 400 hours on the field. I am so happy to graduate. And, I am so excited to start applying to Graduate schools! And then, be done with school. And take about fifty years to finish paying for school.

Emmalee is adorably amazing. Court is completely over and done with. Things went very well. YAY! I am so excited for next weekend because I am taking Sabrina to New York for a long weekend. We're going on a haunted hayride, pumpkin picking, and a haunted house. SO EXCITED. Not to mention that I can't wait for Sabrina to meet Emmalee, and the rest of Jon's family. Overall, it will be so much fun. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the weekend after Thanksgiving Jon will have Emmalee so she can come and visit all of her aunties and uncles while they are all home on break, and the rest of her newly extended family.
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