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School's going well. It's stressful becuase this year I feel the faculty got together at Wheelock to plot against the students. The plan: Make all the huge, serious, large percent of grade projects due in the same exact week, the one right before Thanksgiving. It's hell. My system is crazy. Wednesday I do all my readings and papers I can for the following week so I can do projects on the week days in my free time (Loud nervous laughter). I ended up getting a 95 on the dreded history midterm (13 point curve). I'm very proud of that. I don't think I've taken a US history since Sophmore year of high school.

Course selection for next semester is coming up and I'm so excited because I have about one more Social Work class to take before my field work, and I'm completely done after this semester with my general education requirements. So, next semester is going to be very enjoyable with human development classes for my minor.

Things in the love life are great. I love having Jon's cousin Grace around. It's nice to have a female, same-age, family member. I never grew up with cousins or any family member mine own age so I'm loving it. Melissa said that Grace asked her if she asked Jon and I to be nice to her. Which I thought was funny, but sweet because we really just love her. I love taking her and Liam to doctor's appointments and just sitting around the house with her talking. We're taking her with us to the movies this weekend. Excited. Jon and I are going to see Chicago in about two weeks, which I am so very excited about because I have never seen it on Broadway.

Poor Sabrina sprained her ankle for the second time in like two months, so she's in an aircast now until mid December. Clutz. It's an inherited family trait.

I miss my loves from home dearly. I got to see Sara a few weeks ago when I was home. It was amazing to see her so unexpectantly. I can't wait to see everyone during Thanksgiving break!
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