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I can't wait for this week to be over. Just three papers to finish up, one science lab and one journal entry and I am on my way to a month of freedom and warm holiday spirit.

Jon and I celebrated our two year anniversary this weekend which was so special. He bought us tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera on December 29th. The best part: Orchestra seats. I really want to make a day out of it and go see the Christmas tree, and either the Museum of Sex or the Metropolitan. Tickets to a show in the city is one of the best presents because it's one day that we have all to ourselves to just enjoy being with each other. I really can't wait to go see Phantom of the Opera!!! Jon loved the ring I bought him. It's really beautiful, 10K Black Onyx with Diamonds down each side. It looks stunning on him. Melissa and Chris bought us Martini and Rossi Asti Sparkling Champagne, which is my favorite ever. They bought us a set with two Champagne flutes. The bubbles looked so beautiful in the champagne.

They also surprised us with Emmalee on Friday night! It was the best seeing her unexpectantly because it's hard to go two weeks without seeing her. Jon got up at 6 to help Chris set up a stand with Christmas stuff. His alarm, of course, woke up Emmalee. So I put her next to me in the bed where Jon would sleep. We watched Elmo in Grouchland and sometime during that movie we both fell asleep. The best part of it was when I rolled out of bed I had about a third of the bed. This is just another confirmation that she is a product of Jon because I had about the same amount of room if Jon had been in the bed. Funny thing is, Emmalee is like one tenth of Jon, but still managed to take up two thirds of the bed. It was pretty hysterical.

She's just the cutest. We taught her a bunch of words, she says "Love you." "Uncle Chris" "Night night." "Nannie." "Yum Yums." "Eat." "Elmo." "Book." "Phone." "Who's there?" She obviously says "daddy" "mom" "mommy" "pop-pop" "up" "cup." We're still working on sentences, but on Friday night we got her to say "Love you Daddy." All at once. It was amazing seeing how Jon just melted. Emmalee gives the best hugs and kisses too. If you ask her for a kiss she makes that fishy face and she stays like that until you get your face close enough for her to give you the kiss. And when she hugs you she bear hugs you and her little hands discretely pat you on the sides of your arms. I really can't wait for you all to meet her!!!

Emmalee loves Jon so much, when he's not around she looks around and she goes "Daddy?" and if he's in the house we'll tell her to go find him and she'll go. She's stopped saying "shit" and "shut-up" and she's stopped hitting- which were all things she did not learn at our house, but she knows that we don't allow it. We have her this weekend, my birthday weekend! Daddy's on duty all Friday night because Jon's mom is taking me out with two of Jon's step-sisters, Gracie, and some other ladies perhaps.

We got a hotel room at the Hampton Inn which was nice because that's where we stayed last year. It's 20 minutes from the house, but it feels like worlds away when the doors closed, and locked. I took Jon's mom with me to check-in early without Jon. We decorated the room with rose petals and candles. The glow was so romantic, and we all know that candle light is a girl's best lighting ;).

After we settled into the room, we got ready to go out to dinner. We went to TGIFRIDAYS where the waiter asked us if we wanted a drink from the bar so we ordered drinks and he just asked if we were 21, he didn't card us. It was great. Apparently, I didn't look 14 in the dress I was wearing. Score. It pumped me up for this Friday!!!

Overall, we had a great weekend. And to top it all off I bought myself an adorable NorthFace brown and pink zip up fleece yesterday when I went shopping with Jess in NYC before we caught the Fung Wah back to Boston. The Fung Wah is an experience everyone should have in life. I can't believe I survivied the Chinatown Bus. Lol.

I can't wait for my birthday, and my mom's birthday, and Christmas, and New Years and Arizona with Jon and my grandparents, and bringing Emmalee to CT to meet all her Aunties and Uncles and just to relax and enjoy my absolutely favorite time of the year. I just can't wait.
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