no_lj_christine (no_lj_christine) wrote,

I'm on Spring Break as well. And I saw Sean :D (dinner and movie!) and I had a great time with Rosie (Stash's, breakfast, movie and Burke's). I've been working on two papers furiously so, like Jen, I won't be a stressful freak this week at school. Emmalee's second birthday is Sunday! Although, we celebrated with her last weekend, but she really didn't seem to understand the birthday thing.

Jon and I have the day to ourselves. And since we're now living with his dad (long story...), we don't have anyone to bother us alllll day. He's in the shower and then we're off to breakfast and an early early movie. Followed by a nap, more movies at home, maybe I'll humor him with some PS3 of XBOX360. He doesn't really know, but I really do love video games. And dinner = delivery! Empty house now until we leave tomorrow. ::Sigh of relief::

Love to all. PS saw SATC trailer and almost cried I was so happy and excited. Please google it. It's a need to see it. I saw it on the big screen! AHHHHH! Love Love, ME
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